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Meth Law Offices Stops Bullying from Affecting your Children's lives and education

Meth Law Seeks to Hold Tormentors Accountable

People are finally recognizing the consequences of bullying behavior online, in school, and in the workplace. Meth Law Offices, PC enables victims to assert their legal rights to live, work and study peacefully without fear of physical or mental harm. I use recent developments in New York law to help ensure that bullies are held accountable for their actions. If you are being harassed, you do not have to wait until something catastrophic occurs. I will give you the legal support you need to establish a livable environment for you or your child.

New York’s Dignity for All Students Act, or DASA, which took effect in 2012, amended state education law to protect the state’s public school students from both physical intimidation and cyberbullying. When an incident is reported, schools must take prompt action to end the harassment, bullying or intimidation and notify law enforcement when an action constitutes criminal conduct. Each school must appoint a Dignity Act coordinator and report incidents to the state’s Education Department on an annual basis.


For many reasons, administrators and teachers sometimes attempt to ignore or cover up instances of bullying. This is unlawful and potentially dangerous. If your child is being bullied and school officials are not providing effective assistance, I can work immediately to enforce his or her rights.


Meth Law Offices, PC represents clients in the Chester area in bullying rights. 

Meth Law Works on Behalf of Employees Who Are Harassed at Work

There is a difference between an unpleasant workplace and the type of misconduct that gives rise to a legal action. Meth Law Offices can advise you on potential claims under New York law relating to misconduct, including:

  • Discrimination — You cannot be treated differently at work because of your race, religion, ethnicity, age, marital status, disability or sexual orientation. This includes misbehavior such as offensive ethnic jokes or refusal to provide reasonable accommodation for religious observances.

  • Sexual harassment — If a supervisor is pressuring you for sexual attention or if offensive behavior in the workplace is making your job intolerable, I can act quickly to protect your rights.

  • Physical threats — Civil and criminal options exist if someone is threatening you physically or causes an injury. I will work relentlessly to help secure a safe work environment for you.

  • Verbal abuse — Employers can be held liable for abusive conduct such as malicious verbal harassment that causes physical or psychological harm.

Even when your employer ignores your complaints, my firm provides a free initial consultation so that you can learn about the applicable law and your likelihood of success.

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