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Meth Law Offices is a Premier Boutique Law Firm Servicing the Hudson Valley, New York

Meth Law Offices Represents Clients in matters relating to estates, family law, injury, divorce, and civil rights

When fighting for your legal rights or the protection of your family, your first step is to retain the proper law firm. At Meth Law Offices, PC in Chester, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of each client who entrusts us with their case. Meth law represents victims of injuries caused by others’ negligence and civil rights violations. If you need assistance for a civil legal matter, such as a divorce or a claim for relief when your child has been bullied, we are an accomplished Orange County, NY firm that can help you pursue a positive result. Whether in litigation, mediation, or negotiation, we strive to obtain a favorable outcome for the clients we represent.

Legal Consultant

Meth Law Offices Delivers Knowledgable Counsel and Dedicated Service

Since 1998, Michael Meth, Esq. has served clients in Orange County and throughout the Hudson Valley area who rely on him for many reasons, including his:

  • Strong Reputation — Individuals, families and local municipalities trust his firm with their legal needs and recommend my firm to others who need skilled representation. Michael Meth has been designated by the American Institute of Legal Counsel as one of the 10 best New York family law attorneys based on client satisfaction.

  • Personalized Attention — Clients deserve a legal advocate who focuses on their individual circumstances and unique goals. You can count on Michael Meth and his team to take the time required to learn each pertinent detail of your case and how it is affecting you and your family.

  • Caring Counsel — Michael and his team understand that exceptional representation requires more than skillful advocacy. Whether you’re going through a divorce or have been hurt by someone else’s negligence, Meth Law Offices will never forget its responsibility to treat you with the care and respect you deserve as we strive for an optimal result.

Meth Law Offices is dedicated to delivering high-quality legal representation while employing a cost-effective fee structure. Through a free consultation, Micahel will explain your legal rights and options so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

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