Orange County, NY Personal Injury Attorney Aids Injured Victims

Chester law firm pursues compensation for negligent and intentional harm

Orange County’s natural and historic sites attract a great deal of traffic. In the Chester area, attractions such as Glenmere Lake and Goosepond Mountain State Park lure visitors and locals alike. This activity, combined with our proximity to New York City, means that local roads such as 17 and 94 are crowded, making car accidents more likely. Whether you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision or another type of incident such as a fall on someone else’s property, Meth Law Offices, PC in Chester, NY has the experience and skill to seek maximum compensation for the harm you have suffered. I'm an experienced and skilled attorney and can help hold the responsible parties accountable, whether I accomplish that through settlement or at trial.

Dedicated advocate handles claims arising from all types of accidents

At Meth Law Offices, PC, I work with our clients to gather evidence, locate witnesses, conduct research, and negotiate with insurance companies for a full range of injury cases, including:

  • Vehicle collisions — Though New York is a no-fault auto insurance state, I investigate auto accidents thoroughly and can pursue cases against negligent drivers if serious injury resulted.
  • Slip and fall accidents — If someone responsible for property fails to maintain safe premises and you are injured as a result, you can recover even if you bear some responsibility for the fall.
  • Medical malpractice — Proving claims against doctors and other medical professionals can be complex. I can assemble and present the necessary expert evidence to show that you were hurt by their negligence.
  • Dog bites — Bites from dogs and other pets can cause significant injuries. My firm litigates against pet owners to secure repayment for medical bills and possibly pain and suffering if the owner was negligent.
  • Wrongful death — Losing a loved one unexpectedly leaves a hole that can never be refilled. However, the sudden death of a family member takes a financial toll as well as an emotional one. I can file an action seeking financial damages for final expenses and lost wages.
  • Construction accidents — When you become a victim of a scaffolding failure, falling debris, or equipment malfunction, injuries can be severe. A skilled construction accident attorney can help file a claim and recover damages.

The statute of limitations for New York personal injury actions is three years from the date of the incident, and it’s important to remember that evidence gets harder to collect as time passes. So if you have been hurt through someone else’s negligence, prompt action is important as you seek a just recovery. I offer a free initial consultation to all personal injury clients.

Chester Lawyer with the experience to win cases relating to any kind of injury

Without an experienced advocate on their side, injured plaintiffs risk losing some of the damages they are entitled to. My firm has assisted injured clients for nearly two decades and developed relationships with a range of medical specialists to help me gain a full understanding of your medical condition. I will develop a comprehensive case on your behalf to obtain full compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain, and other present and future harm. Whether you have broken bones, back problems or a traumatic brain injury, I can give you the strongest possible chance for a full recovery.

Skilled attorney works to maximize outcomes for hurt plaintiffs

As a client-centered attorney, I won’t accept token offers from defendants or their insurance companies. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be entitled to medical expenses, lost wages, physical and emotional pain, and other costs. I ensure that every compensable item is considered when seeking a full, fair recovery at trial or through a settlement.

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