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Personal Injury Attorney Fighting for Your Rights and Recovery in Chester and the Surrounding Areas

Lawyer protecting the people of Orange County

When you have had an accident, it's important to know the right local firm. Meth Law Offices, P.C. has been pursuing justice for victims throughout New York State since 1996. We promise tenacious advocacy and a compassionate approach to your legal matters. Your personal injury case is our cause.

Determination, compassion and experience set us apart from other personal injury attorneys

You are not just another case to our team. We want you to be comfortable throughout the entire process. When facing a personal injury or wrongful death matter, you may have a lot of questions about your situation, your rights and your best course of action. When you have been harmed by someone else, the law entitles you to be made whole again. Our skills and experience make us uniquely qualified to protect victims’ rights and restore your life and livelihood. Some of our strengths include:

  • Setting precedent in New York State — Most attorneys just interpret the law. We advocate for changing laws to protect victims’ rights. Our firm has successfully changed New York law by changing precedent within the state.
  • Skillful insurance company negotiations — We are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and know how to present your side of the situation successfully.
  • Attentiveness — We provide sound advice and pay meticulous attention to the details of your case. Unlike many other Chester personal injury lawyers, we personally answer your questions day or night.
  • Ability to handle cases of all sizes — Our reputation is based on our ability to take on the most difficult legal challenges and prevail in the hardest cases.

The personal injury and auto accident attorney local residents rely on

Personal injury cases can arise from a broad array of circumstances. The law in New York gives victims the right to sue to recover monetary compensation for injuries and damages. A Chester personal injury lawyer can vigorously challenge parties who have harmed others and pursue compensation for the injuries suffered. We help you get the compensation you deserve in the following areas:

  • Wrongful death — The death of a loved one is the worst-case scenario for any personal injury incident. New York allows families to bring a legal action against the responsible party on behalf of the deceased’s estate. Families are entitled to be compensated for loss of earnings, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.
  • Bullying — Bullying is an epidemic in the United States. Children go to school to learn, but they often get emotionally and physically abused. School districts regularly fail to address bullying situations appropriately. The law in New York gives the victims of bullying recourse to stand up to their tormentors and the school districts that fail to protect your children. Our law firm is known around the state for its ability to take strong legal action to protect children from bullying.
  • Auto accidents — Car accidents are the most common cause for lawsuits in the United States. You are entitled to compensation for property damage and physical damages when the negligence of another driver causes an auto accident.
  • Personal Injury - Including premises and products liability and slip and fall accidents. Victims of injuries that occur at a neighbor’s house or a business have the right to sue for monetary damages. Consumers have the right to be safe when using the products they buy, including tools and pharmaceutical products. Liability in New York extends to a failure to warn consumers of a design defect, a manufacturing defect or the potential dangers of using a product as intended.

Michael Meth practices in local courts, Supreme Court, County Court, Integrated Domestic Violence Courts, Federal District Courts, the Appellate Terms, the Appellate Divisions, and the Federal 2nd Circuit Courts of Appeals.

In addition to individuals, Michael Meth's clients include local municipalities, town boards and their sub-entities, including zoning boards.

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Meth Law Offices, P.C. has flexible hours and is conveniently located off Route 17. If you are unable to make it to our office, we can provide an in-home consultation. Your initial consultation is free and can be scheduled online or by phone by calling [In::phone].