Can I afford child custody in New York

Child Custody

In the state of New York, a child support order is supposed to be based on your ability to pay. State guidelines typically plug your income into predefined formula that includes variables such as the number of children you’re supporting to arrive at an amount you are expected to handle. But it is also possible that your income suddenly suddenly drops? When there is a significant life change a supporting parent can be left struggling to make financial responsibilities. If you’ve lost your job, are unable to work due to injury or illness, or have been incarcerated, you may not be able to meet your support obligations. New York residents facing financial problems, can ask a judge to modify your support order. To have support changed, the court must believe your hardship is unintentional. If a judge finds you’re deliberately reducing your income to avoid support payments, the judge can “impute” income to you, and maintain your support order based on what you used to earn. If you simply stop making payments, delinquent sums accrue until you get a new order reducing your child support. That’s why an informal agreement with the custodial parent won’t really help until a judge approves and issues a new order. Until that happens, your ex can ask the court to enforce amounts due under the previous order. A Chester family law attorney can often work with the custodial parent and a judge to help you reduce your child support payments.

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