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In matters involving parental rights, New York family law courts traditionally favored mothers, especially when the case related to younger children. Fortunately, the law and the courts are catching up with societal changes, and so it has become easier for fathers to get equal treatment. Nevertheless, old prejudices die hard. So, if you are a father seeking joint or sole custody of your children, you need an aggressive advocate. At Meth Law, P.C., you’ll find a Chester, New York father's rights attorney who is willing to fight to assert your rights and obtain the outcome you deserve.

Lawyer works to establish Dads’ rights to custody in New York

Under the current laws of New York, a father has the right to petition for physical and legal custody of his children. When a child is born during the parents’ marriage, the husband is presumed legally to be the father. However, when the parents are not married, a man must establish paternity before he can assert any parental rights. In cases where the parents agree about the father’s identity, they can establish paternity by signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form. When there is disagreement or doubt, either parent can petition the court to determine the matter. The court generally orders a DNA test. If the results show that the man is the child’s father, he is granted parental rights and legal responsibility for the child’s welfare.    

What New York courts consider when assigning custody

When deciding child custody and visitation terms, courts must consider what is in the best interests of the child. Generally, courts accept that children benefit from frequent, meaningful contact with their father. However, fathers who wish to have physical and/or legal custody of a child must demonstrate their ability to act as a primary caregiver. Factors the courts look for include:

  • An existing positive relationship with the child
  • The ability to provide an appropriate residence for the child
  • Availability to care for and supervise the child  
  • Good moral character

Problems such as substance abuse, threatening behavior or a history of domestic violence can lead the court to deny custody and even restrict the father’s visitation. Regardless of the circumstances in your case, it is vitally important to have an experienced child custody lawyer advocating for you.                 

Living without a father impacts New York children

Studies have shown that children without fathers are more likely to drop out of school, get involved with drugs, be antisocial, join gangs, and even participate in criminal activity. For these reasons, my firm works diligently on behalf of men who want to play an important role in their child’s life.               

Issues fathers face in family law matters

Fathers are legally obligated to provide monetary support for their children. Men who do not have primary physical of their son or daughter are usually entitled to regular visitation according to a parenting time schedule ordered by the court. However, many fathers experience interference with their parenting time, as well as deliberate attempts to alienate their child’s affections, especially after a contentious divorce. Mothers who have custody sometimes seek to relocate with their children, further making paternal visitation more difficult. When these issues arise, I am ready to fight to make things right.

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