Orange County NY Divorce Lawyer Provides complete Legal Support to Divorcing Spouses

Skillful Chester counselor advocating for fair terms when a marriage ends

When your marriage breaks up, your entire life changes. As you look to start over, Meth Law Offices, PC in Chester can handle each legal detail to protect your rights and well-being. Serving clients throughout the Orange County, NY area, I am a compassionate legal counselor who take the time to understand your values and priorities. From there, I develop a strategy designed to achieve the results you seek in custody, support and property determinations. I focus on easing your emotional and financial burdens throughout the process and provide capable representation in court or in less formal settings such as mediation.

Orange County attorney guide sclients through the dissolution process

I am attorney Michael Meth and I have been named by the American Institute of Legal Counsel as one of the 10 best New York family law attorneys based on his commitment to client satisfaction. I work hard every day to meet and exceed that standard by providing comprehensive assistance for each aspect of divorce, including:

  • Grounds and filing — Long after most states had done so, New York finally authorized no-fault divorce, which allows parties to dissolve their marriage after 12 months of living apart. However, traditional fault grounds are still acceptable, and we can advise you as to which type of divorce better suits your situation. One spouse must have resided in New York for at least 12 months before a divorce petition can be filed.
  • Mediation and uncontested divorce — In many cases, divorce terms can be settled without the time and expense associated with litigation. My firm works diligently for the resolution that puts you and your children in the best position to move forward.
  • Property division — New York law declares that marital assets and debts should be allocated based on the principle of equitable distribution. Depending on a variety of a factors, this division does not necessarily mean an even split. When spouses cannot agree on how their assets should be divided, I advocate for a result that values property accurately and results in a fair outcome.

From your free initial consultation through the final decree, you can count on knowledgeable advice and prompt answers to all of your questions.

Protecting parental rights in child custody and visitation disputes

Parents of minor children must do everything in their power to create a safe, supportive environment during and after the divorce. In nearly every case, it is best for each parent to maintain frequent and meaningful contact with their children. I make a diligent effort to resolve matters of legal and physical custody through consensus. When this is not possible, I advocate in court for an arrangement that truly serves your child’s best interests. This includes establishing clear visitation guidelines for the noncustodial parent and making sure that child support obligations fairly reflect each parent’s financial situation.

Chester Law firm working to establish appropriate spousal maintenance levels

Divorcing couples in Orange County, New York need to be aware of recent changes in New York’s spousal maintenance law. The duration of post-divorce maintenance, often referred to as alimony, now usually depends on the length of the marriage. The new rules also provide a more complete assessment of each party’s assets and obligations, including retirement accounts and child support payments. I will help you understand what you can expect to receive or pay and bring all relevant information to the court’s attention.

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