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Divorce Mediation Pros and Cons

Mediation is a dispute resolution process that allows couples to reach divorce settlements amicably without the need for traditional litigation. The spouses choose a mediator and then engage in a Read More

How New York Law Treats Business Ownership in a Divorce

Divorce actions often become complicated when one or both spouses have an ownership interest in a business. With some exceptions, business interests that are acquired or increased during a marriage Read More

Division of Retirement Funds in a Divorce

In a New York divorce, a court must divide marital property equitably between the spouses. Retirement funds, including pensions, are usually considered marital property to the extent they were earned Read More

Common Ways Divorcing Spouses Try to Hide Assets

In divorce cases, each spouse is legally obligated to disclose his/her finances to the other. The parties are required to fully and accurately report their income, expenses, assets and debts. Read More

Special Problems With Divorcing a Narcissist

While any divorce case can pose difficulties, conflict can rise to a whole new level when one of the spouses is a narcissist — a person with an exaggerated sense Read More

Who Gets the Pets in a New York Divorce?

Divorcing couples frequently get into heated battles over who will keep the family dog, cat or other pet. Sometimes these fights can resemble child custody battles. But even though plenty Read More

Keeping an Inheritance as Your Own Property in Divorce

If you received an inheritance during your marriage and are now facing divorce, you may be wondering whether you will get to keep all of the property or if your Read More

Can I Get A Court Appearance In New York During COVID-19 Shutdown?

Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, or skype for business, or maybe just a phone call.  But if there is a judge, a clerk, a record and a written application, the Court can intervene; Read More

New York State Divorce and Family Law Legislative Updates

Domestic violence as a factor in equitable distribution determinations In late July, 2020, the New York State Equitable Distribution Law was modified to include domestic violence as a factor in equitable Read More

Can You Bring an Emotional Distress Claim Related to COVID-19?

The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is not only potentially deadly, but can be transmitted by individuals who are not showing any symptoms, so people might fear that they’ve contracted Read More

Who Gets the Stimulus Check When Spouses Are Separated or Divorcing?

Going through a divorce is stressful enough, but the coronavirus pandemic spreading throughout the United States presents additional complications for spouses who have decided to split. In addition to changes Read More

E-cigarettes Are Not the Healthy Alternative to Cigarettes that We Hoped For – and E-cigarette Companies are to Blame

As the popularity of e-cigarettes across the country has spiked, so has the number of cases of a dangerous, deadly, and mysterious respiratory illness. Vaping, the increasingly popular practice of inhaling Read More

10 Ways to Stay Safe at College Parties

Whether at frat parties, house parties, or playing drinking games in a dorm room, chances are if you’re in college, you will go out from time to time. There is Read More

7 Ways to Stay Safe Using A Rideshare Service

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become the norm in most American cities. The convenience and availability have made this type of travel popular for both work and leisure. Read More

Five Things to Know Before You File for Divorce in New York State

As a New Yorker, you have options when divorcing. You can file for no-fault divorce by asserting that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for at least Read More

What to Do After Your Construction Site Accident

Despite the federal rules that govern safety on construction sites, accidents happen. Sometimes accidents are just that – an unfortunate result of inherently dangerous work. But sometimes an equipment failure Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 26 posts