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  • Can I Get A Court Appearance In New York During COVID-19 Shutdown?

Can I Get A Court Appearance In New York During COVID-19 Shutdown?

New York State Court Availability

Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, or skype for business, or maybe just a phone call.  But if there is a judge, a clerk, a record and a written application, the Court can intervene; most times within 48 hours (during business hours) from our first phone call.  But you need an attorney that understands the virtual filing of papers, the virtual assignment of judges,  the virtual calendaring of matters, and if necessary a virtual hearing or trial to seek the relief or court intervention you need.

Writing paperwork that is precise and can be filed quickly - contemporaneously with the events that you seek court intervention for is a necessity.  You have to know all of your procedural options so you can best decide which course of action to take for your specific needs. Which court do I file in?  New York State Supreme Court, New York State Family Court, Bankruptcy Court, Integrated Domestic Violence Court?  What is the difference?  Does it matter?

Meth Law Offices, PC, understands the challenges of today’s courtrooms and are providing services during the pandemic at affordable rates to client’s that need them.  As your counsel we address today’s security concerns associated with the electronic transfer of information between you and our firm, and between any transfers of information from our firm to courts or other necessary recipients.

We help organize document depositories for the information that makes up your lawsuit. We handle scheduling logistics for court appearances and filing of necessary paperwork. We can conduct remote interviews, virtual depositions and electronic data transfer. We manage all virtual aspects of the case such as exhibits and necessary procedural filings.

Before a court can grant you relief it has to understand your issue and understand what relief or intervention you are seeking. Your paperwork has to offer the Court solutions to the problems you are facing so that intervention will be successful.  Meth Law Offices, PC can help prepare you for virtual court appearances, conferences, hearings and trials so that no court appearance is wasted and you get the maximum return for your fees.  Once you obtain an order or judgement the Chester, New York lawyers at Meth Law Offices can help enforce it.