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10 Ways to Stay Safe at College Parties

Whether at frat parties, house parties, or playing drinking games in a dorm room, chances are if you’re in college, you will go out from time to time. There is a lot of fun to be had in college and whether you drink or not, these ten tips can help keep you safe on your nights out:

 Don’t Go Hungry

Always start your night with a full meal. This slows down the rate at which you get drunk and helps you not to feel sick. Alcohol hits you a lot harder on an empty stomach. This is dangerous because drinking the same amount as a person who ate a full meal can get you really sick or even blacked out. Always eat before you drink.


  1.  Stay Hydrated

One of the most underrated drinking tips is to stay hydrated while out drinking; it can keep you from getting sick while out, and eliminate a hangover the next morning. Try to drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage consumed. If you’re unable to find enough water at the party, drink an entire bottle of water before going to bed. This will help hydrate you through the night and help eliminate the hangovers and headaches that are sure to ensue.


  1.  Choose a Designated Driver

            Before going out for the night, decide how you will get home so you’re not stuck somewhere later. Choose a designated driver for the night whose job it is to stay sober and get you home safe at the end of the party. This can save you the cost of a cab or Uber at midnight and can also save a life. Potentially saving the life of yourself, your friends and the other people on the road, it’s always worth it to have a designated driver. Never get in a car with someone who has been drinking.

Rideshares are also a good option because they are assessable, convenient, and fare can be easily split among riders from the apps. Learn Ways to Stay Safe Using a Rideshare Service.


  1.  Only Go Out With Friends You Trust

Always go out with friends you can trust to take care of you and watch your back. Make sure your friends know your boundaries for the night and do not leave you at a party. Always communicate with your friends about whether they want to stay, or should stay, at a party.


  1.  Keep Your Phone Charged and With You

            College parties are usually more crowded than not; it is very easy to lose a friend while out for the night. Don't panic. Start a group chat with everyone you went out with to locate everyone. Remember, you can call security (if you are on campus) to escort you back to your dorm if you are alone or uncomfortable.

Keep your phone charged and on you so you can request a rideshare to get home, to keep up with the friends you went out with, and to call for help in case of an emergency.


  1.  Travel In a Pack

            You may think it’s safe to walk alone at night, even on your college campus, but it's not. Even when out with a group, it is always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings: Know where the blue campus emergency boxes are, be aware of other people or vehicles around you, and follow your instinct. If something (or someone) seems off, it probably is. Try to bring someone with you if you will be walking to or from your destination after dark.


  1.  Don’t Take Alcohol from Strangers and Keep Your Drink Safe

            Never put your drink down and never accept a drink from someone you didn’t watch make it. If you ever take your eyes off of your drink, just get a new one. You never know what could have been slipped into your drink. If you are going to drink someone else's alcohol, make sure you actually know the person making the drink and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. No one thinks it can happen to them, but there are stories across college campuses every year of unsuspecting party goers being “roofied.” Always keep an eye on your drink.


  1.  Back Away From the Jungle Juice

Again, don't take alcohol from strangers or people you don’t know well. Most parties have some form of jungle juice (a mixture of several types of alcohol) being served. Be very careful of this. A Gatorade Cooler full of random alcohol and mixers is an easy way to be drugged, and can even make you sick.


  1.  It is Okay to Have Boundaries

When you first go to college, you may want to party a lot or suddenly drink more alcohol than you ever have before: This is not safe! Too many people get "wasted" on their first time out drinking and make fools of themselves, or, even worse, just black out. Not being able to remember your night isn't fun; it's scary, and it can end you up in the hospital. Know when to stop.


When you are at a party, it is okay to say no. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) take every drink offered to you, and you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) go back to someone’s room that you are not comfortable with. Having boundaries is smart and can save your life. If you notice someone who is being pressured to do something they do not want to do, help them out.


  1.  Leave the Party With the Same Group You Came With

This is a popular rule that groups share in college. The members of the group agree to go together and leave together to ensure each of their safety. Do not leave with someone besides your group (especially someone you just met), and keep your friends safe by insisting they follow that guideline as well.

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